Welcome to LLC

We are pleased to present our company as customs brokerage services at the border of Ukraine in international checkpoints and in the area of Kiev custom and the Kiev region custom. To create maximum convenience for our clients and provide the carrier to deliver the goods without delay, our offices are working 24/7.

Our Custom broker Agents with special diligence and professionalism will help you:
- To declare goods in transit, import and export modes;
- To arrange T1 required while moving cargos through the customs territory of the European Union;
- To arrange financial guarantee for transit through Ukraine for the goods with customs debt which is obligatory to be ensured;
- To arrange Guarantee in Russian Federation which is required during transit through the territory of the Russian Federation, and Customs Union;
- To pre-inform the customs authorities as the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus about willing to import goods;
- Organize international road transport.

Our representatives on the border with due diligence follow within any changes in such non-permanent customs legislation of Ukraine and the Customs Union, and always can quickly provide with a solution to reduce and optimize your tangible and intangible costs for customs clearance of goods.