The guarantee in Russia (CU) for cargo transit

Guarantee in Russia (CU) for cargo transit of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus (CU) is one of the main services provided by LLC "VALUE PAC". Guarantee by, GK «TransBalt» IC “Arsenal” in Russia, Republican Unitary Enterprise "Beltamozhservice" in Republic of Belarus (CU) provided 24/7 by customs agents in the international automobile checkpoint at Ukrainian border and also by managers of the central office of LLC "VALUE PAC" in Kiev. It`s enough to provide copies of transport documents to get the services (email addresses are listed in the "Contacts").

The price of service depends on several factors:

    - the amount of customs duties and taxes;
    - length of the route of transit goods (up to 100 km is significantly cheaper);
    - number of CMR (International Automobile Bill) and custom codes: separate guarantee is required for each CMR, and each succeeding code starts from eleventh, extra charge 20 UAH.
To reduce the time of guarantee receiving, it is necessary make copies of all commodities and accompanying documents (CMR, invoices and packing lists) in advance. This allows calculating of the amount of customs duties for each HS code quickly.

The procedure for receiving guarantee for cargo transit does not contain any complexity. To receive guarantee customer needs:
    to sign contract with LLC "VALUE PAC";
    to send electronic copies of documents: CMR, invoice, car registration certificate and drivers passport by e-mail to the manager. If the information in the documents provided to fill the transit declaration is not enough, you may need other documents that resolved quickly over the phone;
    indicate the customs checkpoint to cross the border of the Customs Union and customs post of delivery, the estimate date of arrival at the border, and the driver telephone number;
    to pay for the services in accordance with the amount fixed in the contract.
Crossing the border of the Russian Federation, the driver need to notify Customs officer about the number of electronic transit declaration and registration number of the guarantee.